About us

The Company.

Ecomotive Innova is a company constituted by professionals with vast experience in the industrial automotive and services sector.

The mission of the company is to act as a platform for technological innovations, creating, designing and developing new systems and applications aimed at the automotive industry and similar sectors. All our projects have a high added value due to their positive environmental and economic impact.

Each new project, each innovation, is channelled through a specific programme equipped with all the human, technological and economic resources necessary to transform it into an innovating product, capable of being commercialised on the market.

Ecomotive Innova Solutions

Emic SystemEmic is a joint and unified system of modular batteries that supply power to the traction of any motorised vehicle, in compliance with its needs and performance.Read more
Aquiles Project Programme for the implementation and standardisation of the recharge of electric vehicles adapted with the EMIC System.