Added value

The Aquiles Project has been created with the intention of facilitating the use of two-wheel electric vehicles and similar one, encouraging their commercialisation and trying to overcome the main problems for the mass implementation of electric vehicles on the consumer market. These problems are:

  • In general, users are not familiar with the real possibilities of these vehicles.
  • Their specifications and guarantee and quality requirements are unknown.
  • The autonomy of this type of vehicle is not always the best.
  • Its purchase price neither.
  • Nobody has efficiently laid out a network that allows the installation of the infrastructures necessary to recharge the vehicles.
The Emic System, with AQUILES, intends to solve and lead these negative aspects, pursuing the following objectives:
  • To be a leader in innovation and development for energy storage capacities and their possibilities in two-wheel electric vehicles and similar ones.
  • To lead new recharging channels for users of two-wheel electric vehicles.
  • To encourage and lead urban eco-mobility in our cities.
  • To lead the recharging model.
  • To lead the management and control of online recharging with the main electricity and petrochemical companies of the sector.
Currently the AQUILES system allows 3 independent and complementary recharging modes:
  • Recharger cabinet where the empty cartridge will be left and a fully charged one will be taken.
  • Desktop charger, which would allow you to charge the empty cartridges at your own home or office.
  • Total charge of the vehicle, connecting it to a charging point of the electric network.