The Aquiles Project has many advantages. However, it is worthwhile mentioning those that affect the three main electric vehicle consumption groups:

Advantages of the AQUILES recharge mode for large fleets: EMIC cabinets

  • The security of always having charged cartridges ensuring full autonomy to the user.
  • Recharge during off-peak hours. ENERGETIC EFFICIENCY.
  • Control of costs when recharging batteries with reliable data regarding the energy used in the activities. Considerable reduction of recharging costs.
  • Socially Responsible Activity.
  • Simplification in the planning of routes and strategies for the recharge of batteries.
  • Removal of many charging points and centralisation of cabinets (less area and physical volume).
  • Greater control on management of prevention of occupational risks.
  • Uniformity and simplification of business processes for employees.
  • Simplification and comfort of the cartridge pick up mode.

Advantages of the AQUILES recharge mode for Users

  • The EMIC System provides a differential value for the final user regarding other competitors of two-wheel electric vehicles.
  • It leaves to one side the concern about recharging. Globalisation and recharge configurations to avoid autonomy limitation: the cartridge can be recharged at home / in the office by means of individual cartridge chargers or pick-up available in cabinet chargers and, even, the recharge of the battery of the entire system by means of plugging the vehicle directly into the power supply.
  • To guarantee the autonomy, requirements and daily needs of the users of electric scooters./li>
  • The adjustment and reduction of the purchase price in compliance with the amount of cartridges purchased.
  • Cartridges are easy to use and portable, which allows using conventional sockets for recharging.
  • Action and awareness with regards to environmental policies
  • Intelligent behaviour applying innovation, technology and eco-mobility to driving in compliance with the next way of living.
  • Considerable reduction of costs per recharge.

Advantages of the AQUILES recharge mode for Industrial Groups

  • Awareness of the mobility and environment binomial.
  • Leadership in technological innovation. Competitive advantage by means of increasing the capacity of production and the sales generated due to the increase of “green mobility”.
  • Reduction and adjustment of manufacturing and subsequent purchase costs on behalf of the user in compliance with his/her real autonomy needs.
  • Subsidies for the purchase of up to a 35%, resulting from the European strategy regarding clean and energetically efficient vehicles.
  • To be pioneers establishing how to standardise and universalise the recharge of two-wheel vehicles.
  • Portable recharge at any cartridge sales point or system at service stations and appointed areas.
  • Opening of a new after-sales business unit for the maintenance of the system and its components.