Presentation of the Consortium.


The Two-Wheel Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Consortium (Consorcio del Vehículo Eléctrico e Híbrido de las Dos Ruedas - CONVEHIDOR) was constituted in 2010 as a voluntary association of leading companies and entities that groups companies of the technological and industrial sector, with direct impact on the two-wheel industry. Its main aim is to strengthen and transform urban mobility by means of two-wheel combustion vehicles in a more sustainable, less contaminating model, developing programmes and actions in order to implement two-wheel hybrid and electric vehicles in our cities.

The Consortium’s signs of identity are its experience, innovation and know-how, signs resulting from the experience built up by the associated companies in the technological and industrial two-wheel sector. We have to add the guarantee offered by the fact that the companies that are part of the Consortium are leaders in their respective sectors, all of which are duly certified, as well as the local institutions and entities that support our firm will to develop an inter-urban two-wheel transport without polluting emissions.


The main aim of the Consortium is to offer and encourage both companies and groups of the sector, and local public or private institutions and the final user, the real and effective use of two-wheel electric and hybrid vehicles in urban areas. Our aims also include:

  • Consolidating applied technological innovation, quality and respect towards the environment as principles that govern the association.
  • Development of the industrial EMIC System two-wheel prototype.
  • Creation of the first factory of Lithium Ion batteries in Spain.
  • Assembly of the EMIC system on 100% electric motorbikes (100% exports).

Companies Participating in the Consortium

Ecomotive Innova has managed to bring together in this Consortium leading companies of the technological and industrial sector, as well as important local institutions and entities in order to achieve the aims of the Consortium. These are its members:

  • Ecomotive innova
    Ecomotive Innova is a company with registered office in Barcelona, constituted in 2009 by professionals with vast experience in the automotive and services sector. Consortium Leader and owner of the patent system EMIC, appoints the various members of the consortium and coordinates its main activities, plannings, etc.. and ensures the correct achievement of the different milestones of the program.
  • Ir a la web de Saft Baterías S.L.
    The Saft group is a worldwide expert in high-tech batteries, worldwide leader in the manufacturing of batteries for industrial application in the fields of transport (automotive and mobility), stationary services (energy and telecommunications) and emergency lighting. With an annual turnover of € 600 million and 4,000 employees Saft provides an important know-how to the project, providing cells, performing testing and technology activities coordinated with other consortium members.
  • Ir a la web de Ticnova
    Leading national company in the distribution of computer material. Six offices in Reus, Alicante, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Madrid, Taiwan and China and its own factory (Reus) with capacity to produce up to 1,000 computers per day, as well as different technological products. Ticnova brings its know-how in industrial manufacturing procedures for proper alignment in the designation of the components to be used in subsequent mass production. Annual turnover: 190 million €. Employees: approx. 220.
  • Ir a la web del Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía
    The Technological Energy Institute (ITE) constituted since 1994 in Valencia, aims its services, products and technological projects at national and international public organisms and companies belonging to the energy, electricity and electronics sector. The Technological Energy Institute (ITE) takes the technological development of the cards power connector for vehicles incorporating EMIC system and the card power control connector located inside the cartridge.
  • Ir a la web de la Fundación aiTIIP
    Aitiip Technological Centre was founded at the end of 1995 in Zaragoza as an entity aimed at Innovation and Technology. Registered as a state-owned Technological Centre at the registry enabled by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Aitiip develops molds cartridges, housings, handles and lids.