Our system provides many benefits. To start with, it has revolutionised the concept of use of motorised electric vehicles, which until now had always been linked to the state of the charge of their batteries and to the system’s recharge options. Apart from introducing important advantages in this field, it is worthwhile mentioning other positive impacts, especially in the environmental scope, in the final user domain and obviously in the industrial sector. These are some of the main advantages of our system in each field:

  • "0" emissions policy.
  • "0" toxic liquids policy.
  • "0" acoustic contamination policy.
  • Optimal recycling policy for the system’s elements.
  • Green energy opinion leaders.
  • Identical features.
  • Purchase and insurance subsidies.
  • Fuel saving.
  • Awareness and adhesion to the joint preservation movement: "I cooperate"
  • Simplicity in the recharge of the device and no refuelling time whatsoever.
  • Flexibility: acquisition of additional cartridges as autonomy needs increase.
  • Environmental awareness. Social Corporative Responsibility.
  • Attainment of R&D subsidies.
  • Competitive advantage and greater sales volume.
  • Attractiveness VS. Competitiveness on the motorbike and urban motorcycle markets.
  • Exportation of the project to other countries.
  • Reduction of the sales taxes.