One of the main characteristics of the Emic System is its modularity. Thus, the system is made up by a series of interconnected batteries that provide the power necessary to the mobility of a motorised vehicle, in compliance with its needs and requirements.

Depending on the configuration chosen for the vehicle and the number of cartridges installed, the system allows to remove the uncharged units in order to be recharged while the vehicle is still capable of driving around with the energy supplied by the remaining units. The Emic System allows us to evolve from a model in which the vehicle was operative if the there was energy available and stopped being operative during the recharging operations, to a model in which the vehicle is always available to the final user, managing the recharge of the batteries that supply energy to the engine in a more intelligent, efficient and flexible manner. Simple and effective.

The most important advantage of this configuration lies in the portability of the batteries. Using state-of-the-art lithium ion technology, this system allows its cartridges, interconnected by a connection card, to compensate their charge and deliver to the engine all the energy required in a unified manner. This technology allows the development of high performance batteries, in terms of both energy and useful life. The system is compact and light, so it can easily be portable and recharged at any point of the electric network, , whether at home or in the office.

The Added Value of the system lies in the fact that each unit is consumed independently, so the vehicle can be driven with different configurations, regardless of whether the system incorporates one, two or three cartridges.

It is also a Dual System because it allows recharging the different cartridges individually or as a whole, connecting the vehicle to any recharge point.